Mutual Fund Investor Awareness - Videos

Investor awareness program-In Association with NJ Wealth.

Understanding Mutual Funds now much easier! Please watch the videos to know the basics understanding of mutual funds, how can mutual funds help you in your financial planning, and much more.


In our continuous endeavour towards educating investors and helping them make informed investments, HRP Wealth Creators – with NJ Wealth is glad to present investor awareness videos; these videos would help you to get basics and more information on Mutual Funds and its various features.

What is Mutual Fund?

Watch this video to know what is a mutual fund and how can an investor invest in mutual fund through lump sum or Systematic Investment Plan (SIP).Mutual Fund investors have the flexibility to invest as lump sum or via periodic SIP investments.

Benefits Of Mutual Funds

Want to know the benefits of Mutual Funds before investing them? This mutual fund basics video explains the benefits of Mutual Funds along with the risk profile. Mutual fund managers will help you diversify your portfolio and make financial planning with mutual funds easy for you.

What is SIP (Systematic Investment Plan)?

Systematic Investment Plan or SIP is a way in which one can periodically invest in Mutual Funds on a monthly or quarterly basis. SIP is your blessing in disguise to achieve your Financial Goals in a disciplined way. Watch … this video to know how Mutual Fund SIP will help you in your financial planning journey. 

Choose Asset Allocation / Right Mutual Funds

Asset allocation is a portfolio investment technique that targets balancing risk by determining the proportion of capital spread across various asset classes: equity, debt and cash. Choosing the right asset allocation and mutual fund to invest in, is one of the most important steps in financial planning. Watch this video to know what parameters an investor should consider before selecting a mutual fund scheme.

Power of Compounding - Stay Invested for Long Term

Invest in Mutual funds via SIP to benefit from power of compounding.

Basically, compounding is a long-term investment strategy. For example, when you own a mutual fund, compounding allows you to earn interest on your principal. The earlier you start investing, the greater will be the power of compounding.

SIP Or Lump Sum - Which Is Better?

Investors in Mutual Funds often face a dilemma about which is a better mode of investing in Mutual Funds – lump sum or Systematic Investment Plans known as SIPs. An SIP allows an investor to invest a fixed amount of money at regular intervals. It also gives the advantage of averaging the cost of units besides providing benefits of compounding. However, there may be situations when you would prefer to invest a lump sum. This short video helps you to understand both strategies better.

What is Goal Based Investment Planning

Goal based investment is an approach that helps you invest in a systematic way & disciplined manner to achieve your financial goals. 

Everyone has some dreams which they feel are out of bound, simply because they cannot afford them in their current financial capacity. This is an incorrect notion as dreams can be transformed into financial goals and can be achieved so long as they are specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and time bound (SMART). By attaching a financial value to a goal and investing in a well thought out financial plan, you can aim to achieve various life goals and make some of your dreams come true! Take a look at this short video to find out how.