HRP Wealth Creators is partner of NJ Wealth – Financial Products Distributors Network, one of India’s leading and most successful network of distributors in the financial services industry.

NJ has ventured in asset management business with NJ Advisory Services Pvt. Ltd., a group company, launching its discretionary PMS products.

At the heart of NJ Advisory Services is the idea to provide customers with solutions that give them the freedom from active management of investments while having an assurance that we would be doing so in the best possible manner. Our conviction, matched by our passion and expertise, is all about ensuring the peace of mind of the investor. The PMS products currently offered are aimed at meeting investor’s need for successful long-term wealth creation by following strategies that control risk and optimise returns in a mutual fund portfolio.

NJ Advisory Services leverages upon with its rich experience in portfolio management with in-depth knowledge & expertise in mutual funds. The decisions on the mutual fund portfolio also combine results of time tested proprietary research models, extensive due-diligence of fund houses, interactions with fund managers & internal risk controls. The defined processes and smart use of technology further ensures that the investors are offered with quality portfolio management and administrative services, ensuring a complete peace of mind.


  • Freedom Portfolio: 
    Objective: To stay invested in equity mutual fund schemes at all times, deliver superior portfolio returns by selecting better performing schemes and encashing on opportunities offered by markets.
  • Dyanamic Asset Allocation Portfolio
    Objective: To give better risk adjusted returns by deciding right proportion of Equity and Debt asset classes from time to time, and selecting consistently better performing mutual fund schemes.

Key customer services:

  • Online Client PMS Desk with daily update reports
  • Reporting on monthly, quarterly & annual basis through email and hard copies


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