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HRP Wealth is one of the leading Wealth Creation and Insurance Advisory consultants in India with excellent products and services has been giving to Indian and NRIs.

HRP Wealth – is promoted by experienced investment advisor and AMFI registered Mutual Fund advisor having experience in financial planning and investment.

HRP Wealth is the most preferred for investor who are seeking to achieve financial family goal like Retirement Planning, Child Education and Marriage Expenses, Comprehensive Financial Planning, Portfolio Management & Insurance  with a consistent track record of excellent options giving to investor. We seek to generate desirable returns while minimizing costs through proven investment strategies. We are experts at what we do and for us our success lies only in making our clients meet their financial goals and objectives.


HRP Wealth is partner of NJ Wealth – Financial Products Distributors Network, one of India’s leading and most successful network of distributors in the financial services industry.

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Our History

HRP Wealth formed in 2013. Since then HRP Wealth has grown strongly with 200+ active investor accounts from India, USA, Australia and Canada. Our success is based on founding principles – Long term wealth creation, Long term relationship and Quality product and service. 

A well rounded product suite that includes of more than 50 various scheme major includes for Mutual Fund, Insurance, ETFs, Government Securities and Bonds, NCDs, Fixed Deposits and Digital Gold.

Our Vision

Responsibly analyzing, suggesting and managing investments, persistence of money through appropriate insurance and recommending risks free products to help people feel financially secure and confident of a brighter and prosperous future. 

Our Philosophy

Our primary measure of success is customer satisfaction. We are committed to provide our customers with continuous and seamless services. We always endeavour to bring improvements and value-additions in our offerings to meet evolving customer’s expectations and business challenges.

Our Suggestion on Investments and Products

Products, sales and service strategy is entirely guided by research team from NJ Wealth. We aim to provide quality financial and investment solutions which help customers feel financially secure and feel confident of a brighter and prosperous future. We lay a strong emphasis on accessing the risk and and then suggest/recommend planning and investment options. We encourage our clients and investors to take a holistic view which extends beyond mere investing surpluses to investing with an underlying dream, aspiration or goal.

Establish Long-term Relationships, focus at building relationships rather than being transactional.

Research & Analysis : We believe, that, by giving the investor long-term benefits, HRP Wealth have to constantly reviewed, analyzed and studied the research and key factors suggested by NJ Wealth, the markets for new trends, to identify new growth sectors and share this knowledge with our investors offerings. We have come up with various options for investment across asset categories and risk categories to enable investors to invest in line with their investment objectives and risk taking capacity.

Plan and suggest various financial goal and communicate in investor language, not in ours.

Enduring Wealth Creation : Play a serious and credible role in investor’s financial goal and planning. Encourage investors to build a long-term perspective of the investment and asset category.


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