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Reasons To Do An SIP

Brings In Discipline : Investing on a pre-set date every month, makes you set aside fixed sum of money to invest and gradually turns you into a disciplined investor. 

Rupee Cost Averaging : You get more units when the markets go down and less when it goes up. Thus you average out the cost of buying mutual fund units.

Power Of Compounding : The longer you stay invested, more is the benefit of compounding. It is like earning interest on interest. Hence start an SIP early & enjoy the power of compounding.

Convenience : SIP offers convenience since you invest a small amount periodically without affecting your household budget.

No Need To Time : The Market Investing through SIP helps you avoid timing the market.

Helps in Achieving Financial Goals : SIP is a smart tool that helps break your big goals into small amounts. Just ascertain the investment amount & start investing regularly through a SIP to achieve your dreams

Flexibility To Select Investment Frequency : Select an investment frequency based on your convenience and need.

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