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Earn extra happiness with Mutual Funds


Ask advisor and they would recommend the MIP. These are Debt-based hybrid Mutual Funds formed specifically for providing a regular monthly payment. They usually have medium risk exposure as the aslo invest in Equities.



Debt Funds invest in Fixed Income securities like Bonds. These pay an interest amount every year, month or quarter. The Funds then distribute it to the Mutual Fund unit-holders.


All Equity and Balanced Funds regulary pay dividends. This is nothing but dividends paid by the underlying Stocks that the Fund has invested in. They could be a good source of secondary income.



The first two options are for both new and old investors alike. The Systematic Withdrawal Plan is mainly for investors who have accumulated a sizeable portfolio of investments over the years. This corpus can be redeemed for monthly income.

SIP v/s STP v/s SWP confused with investment jargons?
Here is easy comparison chart:

WhatMonthly investment of fixed amount in Mutual Fund scheme.Transfer of money from one scheme to another Mutual Fund scheme.Fixed monthly redemption of Mutual fund scheme.
WhyHelps disciplin and spead out investmentHelps re-balance portfolio or change asset allocationHelps exit investments for secondary monthly income
HowYour money get debited from bank account and used to buy Mutual Fund units.The Fund House sells Mutual fund units and buy MF units of another scheme.The Fund House sells MF units every month and credits the money in your bank account.
WhenIdeal for all investment through out time.Ideal when your are a few years away from goal or during market volatility.Ideal for retirement or while using the money to Fund goal like child’s education or marriage.
TaxNot applicable.May attract Short Term or Long Term Capital Gain Tax depending on the MF your sell.May attract Short Term or Long Term Capital Gain Tax depending on the scheme you redeemed.
Best forInitial InvestmentsReinvestmentExiting Investments.

Did you know?

If you miss claiming your dividend payments, the Fund has to invest in low-rise Money Market instruments. If you claim after three years, your will be paid both the original dividend amount as well as the returns earned.

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